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How to Structure an Perfect Academic Essay

How to write academic essays is a common request from our readers, so we’ve put together this guide.

Appropriate language and short words (with plenty of proofreading and editing) are essential for a decent academic essay or thesis.

We have developed a list of do’s and don’ts to make your essay sound more scholarly, as ensuring it follows applicable rules might be challenging.

A thesis and introduction, a well-structured body of content, research, and other considerations should be in your mind while you read this.

Following these nine guidelines will give you no trouble writing a high-quality research paper.

Stay away from Agreements.

I often get asked if it’s appropriate to utilize contractions. A contraction is a shortened phrase formed by joining two words into one or eliminating some of the syllables in one of the original phrases.

Don’t use cliches

The terms “back to square one” and “too good to be true” are examples of clichés that have been used too often.

Plenty of overused expressions are out there, and you should steer clear of them.

Since clichés aren’t always easy to spot, you’ll need to proofread your academic essay thoroughly to ensure it doesn’t contain any.

To summarize, write clearly and simply so the reader understands what you intend rather than resorting to flowery words.

Keep Your Language Sophisticated and Avoid Slang

Your essay will read more smoothly if you avoid slang and idiomatic expressions. Avoid using terms like “totally,” “basically,” “super,” and “hundreds” when writing essays.

Avoiding the usage of slang and acronyms is another crucial step in the writing process. The tone of your thesis relies heavily on this.

Use Proper Academic Jargon

Use scholarly terminology in your essay to add credibility to your claims. Words like “think,” “us,” and “lots” are less intellectual sounding and should be avoided. Our ‘How to enhance your writing’ section may be helpful if you seek further suggestions on how to hone your craft.

Write clearly and concisely, using vivid language to convey your ideas in the opening, main body, and closing paragraphs.

Use academic language throughout your paper if you want your essay to be taken seriously. You will impress your reader by carefully planning your replies to the paper questions and utilizing appropriate academic vocabulary.

Make it easy for the reader to see your point.

One of the most significant aspects of writing an academic essay is ensuring your thesis is straightforward.

To persuade your reader of your thesis or argument, use powerful language. Planning your essay carefully and writing in clear, coherent paragraphs and sections will help you achieve this.

You should include your thesis statement in the introductory paragraph and check it during proofreading to ensure you addressed the question.

Make sure you’re writing from the proper perspective.

Your paper’s point of view should reflect the assignment requirements and the specific kind of essay you are producing. When writing an essay, you must do so from the proper perspective.

Essays prepared for school might be written either in the third or first person. Avoid using the second person whenever possible when writing essays.

Make Use of Transition Sentences and Topic Sentences

A topic sentence should start each paragraph in your paper. A paragraph’s theme sentence states the paragraph’s central idea or topic.

Paragraph transition sentences are used to smoothly move from one thought to the next, much like topic sentences are used to introduce a new topic. A well-written academic essay will include these seamless transitions.

If you’re revising a thesis, one thing to check for is a topic sentence.

Make sure your document is formatted correctly. 

Different types of essays have additional formatting requirements. Before starting your essay, ask your instructor how it should be laid out.

Use a serif typeface that is 12 points in size, and set your line spacing to 2.0 as a general rule for your formatting.

Be careful to have your essay proofread and edit it several times before turning it in. To write an academic essay, you must ensure that your paper has an introduction (or thesis), a body, and a conclusion and always responds to the essay question.

These student writing contests are a great chance to put your talents to the test, and you can win some fantastic rewards.

Verify that you are using the appropriate citation manual

Several citation formats are often used in academic writing. Essay types and the preferences of your grader will determine which academic referencing style you should employ.

Use the proper referencing style to make your essay seem and look more scholarly.

As a last note, keep in mind…

Ensuring you’ve addressed the topic and held the reader’s interest requires much work, not the least of which is proofreading and editing. You can make your essay sound and read more scholarly by proofreading and editing it numerous times or using a proofreading service (thanks, Mom and Dad!).

Careful proofreading is required for each part to guarantee that the appropriate terminology, guidance, research, dates, and citations are used.

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